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September Caller's Corner

Excerpt from September Newsletter.



  Doug Harris                            Marg Harris

The first week in September is



It is a time to harvest new dancers into our Square and Round Dance Activity and let them know how much it relieves stress, and day-to-day problems.  Many doctors’ reports have been released on the great benefits of dancing for improving mental and physical health problems.

It is time to get out of the house and mix with other dancers.  If you see some couples sitting by themselves, talk to them.  You will feel better.  Dance with them and you will all get a lift out of life.

Always make guests welcome and you will be greatly rewarded.


YOU make it happen.

You MAKE it happen.

You make IT happen.

You make it HAPPEN.


Sunshine Strollers

Marg and Doug Harris

Cuer / Caller



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