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March Caller's Corner

Excerpt from March Newsletter.

Mike Doughty and Shirley

I was asked to write a short message about Square Dancing, this is what came to mind. The first thing that popped into my head was that the Florida State Convention is just around the corner. I hope with your help this can be one of the BIGGEST conventions that we can have.

SQUARE DANCING IS "FRIENDSHIP SET TO MUSIC". This is what the convention is all about. You will have Caller's and Cuer's from all over the state of Florida, there will be vendors, for clothing, shoes, petticoats, badges, and many , many more items that you can imagine... The dance levels will be from Basic ----- Challenge. There will also be rounds, contra, and country western, handicapable's, youth, and singles halls, so if you do not have a partner don't let it stop you from coming and having a good time, there surely will be someone else looking for a partner... This gives everyone a chance to dance at the Fla. State Convention.

If you can make this convention, do yourself a favor, and stay in the level you dance best, and feel comfortable with. Some dancers think that you have to be dancing at a higher level to be having fun, but that is not true, all levels of dancing is FUN... Isn't FUN what it’s all about?

There will be workshops in the mornings and afternoons, for all levels of squares, rounds, country western, and contra. This is a time to see what other levels or types of dancing have to offer, so come out and take a chance and experiment... The evenings will bring more dancing at all levels. Saturday there is a Grand March, this is always fun to be in, and don't forget the Kick off Show or the Fashion Show, and the show with the handicapable’s, and this show can bring tears to your eyes.

After each night of dancing, the fun is not over, there will be after parties each night, with special party events. IDIOT PARTY, and don't forget your "DONKEY BADGE".

So come and have a great weekend of dancing, fellowship, and, FUN ...


Just remember without U we will not be able to have F__ N ....
See you in a square at the Lakeland Civic Center.......................

Mike Doughty Treasurer FCA

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