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Excerpt from September Newsletter.


    Caller Doug Harris

Most dancers are back from vacations and the children are back in school. Sunshine Strollers had a great summer, with all levels of dancing continuing (except the advanced) throughout the summer season. The Suncats, Sailfish, Seminole Squares, Roadrunners and Sunshine Strollers Clubs did a lot of banner raids and visiting, bringing all of the club dancers together, meeting and making new friendships.

The Sunshine Strollers went all out to make our 40th wedding anniversary a great party on July 18th / 99. We want to thank MacGregors and Lynns and all who worked so hard to make this day a VERY MEMORABLE day for us.

Some program changes will be taking place this fall. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF NEW SCHEDULE LISTED IN THIS NEWSLETTER. We think these changes will be for the betterment of all dancers.  I believe Square and Round Dancing is growing in this area and with the help and work of Callers, Cuers, and Dancers working together in all clubs, it will be the greatest activity for the building of Square and Round Dancing, as  " FRIENDSHIP SET TO MUSIC "


                                       All of our Love, God Bless,  

                                            Marg and Doug

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