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Excerpt from September Newsletter


Guess what - yours truly and friend are back from our summer travels, ready to enjoy another year of dancing and socializing.

Many of our dancers are slowly returning from their vacations also and we've been enjoying our dances with six to seven squares on any given Saturday night.  That's right folks - we dance EVERY Saturday night from 8 - 10pm. please refer to schedule for locations.

Some of our dancers have traveled far and wide this summer for weddings, family reunions and even high school reunions. The MacGregors attended Lily's high school reunion and revisited the place where she grew up.  She has some interesting stories to tell.  The Pulcines are hunting in Colorado. The Englers visited with their grandkids.  Dolly Lawhorne is in West Virginia for a spell and expects to return sometime in September.  The Heischbergs went to the National Square Dance Convention this year and visited relatives. (I think I remember hearing this is where Marty and Pat met). Betty Fowler and Frank Ferreira are back after a two-month vacation.  Welcome back everybody!!!

We've had visitors from many clubs this summer. Among them was a 93-year young lady from Brighton Gardens.  She's a former square dancer and showed us she could still do the allemande left and promenade and a few other calls.  God Bless!!!

Congratulations to Bob and Edna Huston on the marriage of their granddaughter, Athena.

Bob and Waneta Kuczynski are back dancing   Bob had open heart surgery this summer and is slowly getting back in the swing of things.  Looking good, Bob!

Our staunch square dance supporter, Mary McOsker is recuperating from two cataract operations and can't do-si-do just yet.  Hopefully it won't be long before she is tripping the light fantastic again.  We miss you Mary!!

On a sad note - Ira Harris passed away this summer.  Our sincere sympathy goes out to Alice and family.  Also thanks to all club members who attended the service.

Remember - - - we dance every Saturday night, come rain or come shine.  Please join us for a night of good old fashion dancing, socializing and camaraderie (or is that comedy?). See you in a square.

By Doris and Chuck

Wear club colors, second week of every month  (Dusty rose and white).

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Sunshine Strollers Square and Round Dance Club
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