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Sunshine Strollers Square and Round Dance Club of Port St. Lucie, FL








Sunshine Strollers Square and Round Dance Club of Port Saint Lucie, Florida is a very active, multilevel dance club.  We Dance at  Mainstream, Plus, Plus Extended Applications and Advanced levels with Round Dance through Phase IV+.  We have Square Dance classes at Basic, Mainstream, Plus, and Advanced Levels with Round Dance Classes at Basic, Phase II, Phase II+, Phase III, Phase III+, Phase IV, Phase IV+.

We are very active in our community, working closely with the Port St. Lucie and  St. Lucie County  Parks and Recreation Departments and the Lawnwood  Hospital Senior Friends (H2U) to provide Square and Round Dance activities that are not only FUN but provide service to our population.


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Contact Information

Please address all correspondence about the Club, Square and Round Dances, and general information to the address for Caller/Cuer.

Address correspondence relating to this Square Dance web site to the Webmaster.


  • Caller/Cuer: (772) 873-1642
  • Webmaster:

Postal address

  • Caller/Cuer: 343 NW Camrose St., Port St. Lucie, FL 34983
  • Webmaster: 343 NW Camrose St., Port St. Lucie, FL 34983

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